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Yes, please see our accreditations at the following International Accreditation information page: (“International Accreditations”)    

Please see our programs list at the following Academic Programs information page: ALL ACADEMIC PROGRAMS

The application form and the list of required documents can be obtained from the following Apply now link: (“Apply now”)   
Please see our “Apply now” and “New applicants” information pages at the following links: (“New Applicants”)   

Faculty and Departments requiring minimum 60/100 on the GAU FES English Proficiency Exam (All English medium departments except for the Faculty and Departments indicated in the second column)

Faculty and Departments requiring minimum 80/100 on the GAU FES English Proficiency Exam

(Faculty of Pharmacy, English Literature , Translation and Interpretation and English Language Teaching Departments & Master Students.

IELTS (minimum 5.0).


(Not valid for students from Turkey)

IELTS (Minimum 5.5)


(Not valid for students from Turkey)

TOEFL IBT (minimum 60)

TOEFL IBT (minimum 65)

TOEFL CBT (minimum 170)

TOEFL CBT (minimum 183)

TOEFL PBT (minimum 497)

TOEFL PBT (minimum 513)

GCE/IGCSE (Minimum C)

GCE/IGCSE (Minimum B)

FCE (Minimum C)

FCE (Minimum B)

CPE/CAE (Minimum C)

CPE/CAE (Minimum B)

SAT : Writing:Minimum 340

         Reading: Minimum 400

         Total: Minimum 740

SAT : Writing:Minimum 350

         Reading: Minimum 410

         Total: Minimum 760

PTE:Minimum 40

PTE:Minimum 46

Please see our “Financial Aid and Scholarships” information page at the following link: (“Financial Aid and Scholarships”) Scholarship requirements vary.

Please see our “Dormitories” information page at the following link: (“Dormitories”)

It is not compulsory for students to stay in the University dormitory for the first year of their studies. Students who have been accepted into the University and who do not wish to stay at a university dormitory, can make alternative arrangements before they arrive in North Cyprus.

First, the student visa and the student permit are two separate requirements. The student permit may be obtained only after the student arrives in North Cyprus and has completed the course registration on Campus. 

For the student visa and in order to fly to North Cyprus, you are required to fly via Turkey first.
This means that once you have received your official Acceptance Letter from GAU you must contact your nearest Turkish Embassy to find out the student visa requirements and to set up an appointment with the Embassy. 
For more information and if you need a transit visa from the Turkish Embassy to fly to North Cyprus, you may visit the following official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Turkish Republic: or

All International students are required to have a passport in order to enter North Cyprus.

All flights to North Cyprus are connected through Turkey. Students are required to buy a flight ticket from his or her home country to Istanbul and after a ticket from Istanbul to Lefkosha (Ercan) airport. There is only one airport in North Cyprus, which is the Lefkosha (Ercan) airport.

Students must request and fill out an airport pick up form and send it to the International Students Admission Office a minimum 3 days prior to their arrival. If a student hasn’t informed the university about their arrival date, they must take the KIBHAS bus to GIRNE (Kyrenia). At the last bus stop in the Girne (Kyrenia) city centre, students may then take a taxi or small bus to the Girne American University.

During the month of October, newly registered students are given an orientation. The orientation program is organized to introduce the campus and its facilities to all newly admitted students at the opening of every academic year. Throughout the orientation week, the new students take part in various social, cultural and sports activities and are informed about the programs to which they were admitted. 
The orientation for newly coming international students will be after the on-campus registration period.

Officially, students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week. However, job opportunities are limited and employers tend to give preference to students who speak both English and Turkish. A student should therefore not come to North Cyprus with the idea of supporting him or herself by working as salaries are low and will not support tuition and living costs. Students are in any case advised to concentrate on their studies and against trying to find work in their first year.

Every overseas student studying in North Cyprus, and after completing their course registration on-campus, has to obtain a student permit in order to stay in the country and to be able to travel back home. The Admissions Office will assist with the immigration procedures. The following documents need to be submitted to the Admission Office:

  • Student letter and a photocopy;
  • Receipt from the Revenue & Tax office showing the payment of the immigration fee;
  • A copy of your international passport bio-data page and copies of the pages that have validity confirmation and expiration dates;
  • 2 sets of stamps from the post office;
  • 1 passport size photo;
  • Students who are applying for the student permit for the first time are required to provide a medical/health report, which can be obtained from the district hospital in North Cyprus. Medical reports from abroad are not accepted;
  • Entry & exit documents from the Police Immigration Office (Please go with one of stamps obtained earlier from the post office);
  • A filled out Immigration form that may be obtained from the Admission office.

The student permit must be renewed once it has expired.

All university students must obtain health insurance issued by the North Cyprus Ministry of Health. The fee for the insurance is 60 Euro and is valid for one year. The payment is made to the university. The health insurance will allow the student to take advantage of the following services:

  • All emergency facilities that are provided by the public hospitals;
  • Medical check-up (X-Ray and blood tests) from the district hospital clinics. MRI, tomography or medicines are excluded;
  • Dental Services;
  • Medical surgery at all district hospitals and all medicines in case the student is required to stay in the hospital.

Please see the academic calendar for the 2015-2016 academic year at the following link: (Academic Calendar)

Please see our “International Campuses” information page the following link: (“International Campuses”)

The address is below:

(Student Name)

Girne American University,

University Drive, PO Box 5, 99428

Karmi Campus, Karaoglanoglu,

Kyrenia / TRNC


The student can collect packages from the Reception in the Rectorate building.

Almost all credit cards are accepted in North Cyprus. On campus, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are welcome. Almost every shop and restaurant in North Cyprus accepts the previously mentioned cards, and they may be used at many ATMs locations to withdraw money (although bank charges may apply).

The unit of currency in North Cyprus is the Turkish Lira (TL). Most businesses will also accept payments in the main foreign currencies such as the Euro, Sterling Pound and US Dollar.

There are two GSM mobile telephone networks that provide international communications for visitors: VODAFONE (TELSIM) & TURKCELL. Both have special packages for students.

North Cyprus is well served, with each major town having about 10 banks.  Students at the age of 18 or above may open a bank account at any bank. Prior to opening the account, they must have a student letter and a student permit.

Yes, students may obtain a North Cyprus driver’s licence after completing some driving courses. Students must have a student letter and a student permit in order to apply. They need to apply to Tax office, Driving Licence department. The fee varies from 50 USD – 100 USD, depends on the validity of driving licence. Also, students may change their driver’s licence from their home country to the North Cyprus driver’s licence. Students must have a student letter, student permit and a translation of their home country’s licence into Turkish.

IELTS 5.0+ 5.5+
TOEFL PAPER 500+ 550+
TOEFL IBT 60+ 66+

·           Yatay geçişler kurum dışı ve kurum içi olarak iki ana kısma ayrılabilir. Öğrencilerin sınava girmiş oldukları ÖSYS deki punları ile geçiş yapmak istedikleri bölüme ait taban puanı tutturmuş olmaları gerekir. Taban puanlar , kontenjanlar ve ilgili evraklarla zamanında başvuru yapılması son derece önem arz etmektedir.

·           EK-1 madde yatay geçiş kurallarına göre de öğrenci transkriptinde ki notları – başarısı ile geçiş başvurusunda bulunabilmektedir. 


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