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Spring Fest'18

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Spring Fest'18


Best Spring Fest in Cyprus

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You will be in the right center of campus life with the opening cortege of the academic year, spring fests, dance and theatre festival which are organized conventionally every year. GAU breaks grounds with academic and social activities in Cyprus.

Kampüs Haritası


GAU is conscious of the fact that knowledge makes headway with experiences. For this reason, GAU promotes the international standard learning content which offers you practical and professional opportunities. We aim to minimize the possible difficulties in adapting yourself in to business life just after graduation and improve your fast generating solution skills for your professional life.

Besides the student-oriented education, GAU arranges activities that will improve social and cultural side of the students. Symposiums, conferences and seminars within the scope of over 1000 activities are held by experts in their fields to support their studies every academic year.

Interactive Campus Map





Student Clubs

GAU Academic Clubs GAU Sports Clubs
Aviation Club Archery Club
Computer Education and Technology Club Aviation Club
PAIG (Painting, Architecture, Interior, Graphic) Club Badminton Club
Industrial Engineering Club Basketball Club
Law Club Billiards Club
Management Information System Club Chess Club
Marine Club Cricket Club
Political Science & International Relations Club Darts Club
Psychological Counseling and Guidance Club Fencing Club
Psychology Club Field Hockey Club
Research and Development Club Football Club
Supporting Early Childhood Education Club Futsal (indoor Football) Club
Turkish Club Handball Club
  Horse Riding Club
Art Clubs Judo Club
Cinema Club Kickboxing Club
Dance Club Mini-golf Club
Instrument Friends Music Club Scuba Diving Club
Photography Club Search & Rescue Club
Theatre Club Swimming Club
  Table Tennis Club
Social Clubs Taekwondo Club
Ataturk Ideologies Club Tennis Club
Football Fan Club Track and Field Club
Green Peace Club Tracking Club
History Club Turkish Cyprus Folk Dance Club
Rock Club Volleyball Club
Young Themes Club Wrestling Club







Le Chteau Lambousa Hotel

Applied Tourism Hotel - Le Chateau Lambousa Hotel

Le Chateau Lambousa Hotel


Camelot Beach Club

Recreation Managment Center - The Camelot Beach Club

 Camelot   Camelot


Spectrum Congress Hall

At GAU we provide our students with appropriate facilities for learning. Spectrum Hall accommodates 4 large classrooms for large capacity courses. The Starlight Café is also located in the Spectrum Hall and is popular amongst the students and staff.

The University’s convention center is located in the Spectrum Hall and has a seating capacity for 1,000 people. The International Congress Hall used for Internationals and National events, recitals and plays.


Millennium Complex

The millennium Complex is a state-of-the-art, smart technology building. The Millennium Complex accommodates the Foundation English School, GAU Radio, TV and Cinema Studios, the Karmi News Agency, the Fidelio Labs for tourism students, the library, Cybrary, Senate Conference Hall, Cinema, Red Room café, a travel desk, a market, Parfume shop, the Mosque, a stationary shop and other service units.


Techno Park Complex

GAU is committed to provide the latest technology for its students to aid their learning process and research skills so they can enter the professional world with confidence and achieve success in their future careers.

 The following laboratories are available within the Techno Park Building:

  • Information Technology, Research and Development Laboratory
  • Research and Software Development Centre
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing Laboratory
  • Electrical Machinery and Alternative Energy Laboratory
  • Physics Laboratory
  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Work study and Ergonomics Laboratory
  • Microwave and Communication Laboratory
  • Electronics Laboratory
  • PLC Laboratory
  • Mechatronic Laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Bridge and Navigational Simulator
  • GMDSS and Radio Communication Simulator
  • Seamanship and Navigation Laboratory


Freedom Complex

As the university continues to grow new buildings are constructed to satisfy students’ needs.  The Freedom Complex was constructed for the 2013-2014 academic year and is hosting the Institute of Social & Applied Sciences, Faculties of Law and Education, five laboratories, six large classrooms, one sample court hall, lecturer offices, meeting rooms, cafeterias, rooms for relaxation, IT Department, Life Long Learning Center, classrooms, Museum of Freedom & History and kiosk.



Maritime Security Training Area


One of the important aspects of training at the Marine is security; therefore, GAU has lifeboats that are identical to the ones used on ships in case of an emergency and need for evacuation.


Fire station

This fire station is designed for close to reality training in case of a fire on a ship.  This station is used for fire prevention, advanced firefighting and prevention training.


Training pool

The training pool was constructed in accordance with International Standards and with the aim to provide the essential knowledge on “survival at sea.”  Also, this pool is used for advanced swimming and personal life saving.



Bridge and GMDSS Simulators

GAU offers the students of the Marine School’s Department of Marine Ship Captain and Deck to increase their ability to maneuver ships by using the “179 degrees Bridge Simulator” and the GMDSS simulator on campus.



Sport Facilities


Semi-olympic Swimming Pool

The GAU Semi-Olympic swimming pool is built in the accordance with International Swimming Federation (ISF) standards. With six lanes, it is available for any kind of swimming competition and water games.


Fitness Centre

The GAU Fitness Centre is equipped with the best sporting equipment. Members have the opportunity to work out and join exercise programs with guidance from professional trainers.


Tennis & Basketball Courts

The Tennis and Basketball Courts are outdoor courts with special surfaces and lighting. The courts are also available for professional tournaments.


Astroturf Football Pitch

In total three Astroturf football pitches are located around the campus.  They are available for the student use and also are being used for the training of the sports representatives of GAU Team.



GAU Lympic was constructed with the aim to be used for athletic competitions.  It is located in the front of the Food Republic and GAU Bus stop.


Restaurants & Cafes


Red Room Café

The Red Room Café is located next to the library as a part of the Millennium Complex and provides a seating area of 200-300 students. The Red Room is an ideal place for students to study and socialize. Students can enjoy a Cypriot bakery and an international selection of delights with a variety of hot and cold beverages.

Simit Factory

Simit Sarayi is the place where the real Turkish baking culture is introduced to our students’ lives. It has become one of the biggest hits on campus. Students enjoy their freshly baked pastries for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and they just love to pass time on campus while sipping from their freshly brewed tea and enjoying a piece of cake or freshly baked pastries.


The Venue Restaurant

This restaurant is a part of the Millennium Complex and offers students selection of the Italian style bistro; vitamin bar and delicious morning breakfasts.


The Starlight Café

The Starlight Café is also located in the Spectrum Hall and is popular amongst the students and staff.  A wide selection of wraps and daily home-made food is available.


Health Center

There is a Medical Center on campus that can handle minor cases.  The Girne State Hospital and other private hospitals are located conveniently close to the campus.


GAU Shuttle Services

GAU provides its students free of charge bus shuttle services that circulate on the set route, taking students around the city of Girne and at the set hours to the capital of the island.


Campus Watch

At GAU we ensure that all students are provided the required level security 24/7.


GAU Multi Cultural Center

At MCC we believe getting involved on campus provides outside the classroom learning and fun! We look forward to seeing you at one of our many different events or stop by our office to learn how to get involved and make the most of your experience at Girne American University!

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  • First University of Cyprus
  • Global University with 7 International Campuses in 3 Continents
  • 20,000 Students From 135 Different Countries
  • Over 18,000 Graduates
  • 7 Years Unconditional Scholarship
  • Prime Location
  • Globally Recognised Degree Programs
  • Over 200 International Collaborations
  • Social and Active Campus Life
  • Within Top 1000 Worldwide Universities