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GAU International Business Management Program is designed to develop the capabilities, perspectives, entrepreneurial attributes and leadership skills of students who wish to pursue careers in corporations, SMEs, other business enterprises or not-for-profit organisations particularly for business specialist and managerial positions.


Now that the world is a global village, the main need of the market is those people who have the vision, understanding and information of how to survive and excel in this so called “village”. As the International Business Management Department, this is our mission to prepare our students to the demanding and continuously changing market conditions so that they can be important players in this environment. Since modern enterprises - governmental, nonprofit, business - operate in a global environment, success is difficult for those who are unaware of events and cultures outside their own. The program’s goal is to equip students with the ability to work comfortably in more than one corner of the global marketplace. The program requires the completion of 132 credits.

Career Opportunities

Graduates are prepared for careers in international business and management and can use their acquired knowledge and skills in a wide range of businesses that are involved in all functions of businesses including: marketing, human resources, accounting, sales, operations, finance and management consulting.


Student Opinions

Departmental Courses

Year 1
BUS101 Introduction to Business & Management CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:8
COMP103 Introduction to Computer & Information Systems I CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:4
PSYC100 Introduction to Behavioral Science I: Psychology CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:4
MAT101 Business Mathematics CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:8
EGL101 Development of Reading Skills CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:4
NH001 National History 1. CR:(0,0)0 ECTS:2
BUS108 Principles of Management CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:8
COMP104 Introduction to Computer & Information Systems Ii. CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:4
SOCY100 Introduction to Behavioral Science CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:4
MAT102 Business Mathematics Ii. CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:8
EGL102 Development of Writing Skills CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:4
NH002 National History Ii. CR:(0,0)0 ECTS:2
Year 2
BUS211 Microeconomics CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:6
BUS203 Financial Accounting I CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:6
BUS205 Statistics I CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:6
BUS207 Introduction to Law CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:6
CS201 Communication Skills I CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:4
TURK001 Turkish I CR:(0,0)0 ECTS:2
BUS212 Macroeconomics CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:6
BUS204 Financial Accounting Ii. CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:6
BUS206 Statistics Ii. CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:6
BUS208 Business Law CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:6
CS202 Communication Skills Ii. CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:4
TURK002 Turkish Ii. CR:(0,0)0 ECTS:2
Year 3
BUS301 Organizational Behavior CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
BUS303 Human Resource Management CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
BUS305 Quantitative Methods & Forecasting CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
BUS307 Business Finance I CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
BUS315 Principles of Marketing CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
TRGE001 Non-Departmental Elective CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
BUS302 E-Commerce CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
BUS304 Operations Management CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:4
BUS306 Management Info Systems CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
BUS450 Consumer Behavior CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
BUS457 Marketing Strategy CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
TRGE001 Non-Departmental Elective CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
STJ030 Internship CR:(0,0)0 ECTS:1
Year 4
BUS401 International Business CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
BUS444 Cross Cultural Studies in Org. CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
BUS445 Workshop in Export and Import CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
TRME001 Departmental Elective CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
TRGE001 Non-Departmental Elective CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
TRGE001 Non-Departmental Elective CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
BUS404 Strategic Management CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
BUS430 Supply Chain and Management CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
TRME001 Departmental Elective CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
TRME001 Departmental Elective CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
TRGE001 Non-Departmental Elective CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
TRGE001 Non-Departmental Elective CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
BUS213 Business Ethics CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
BUS403 Globalization & Econ. Integration CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
BUS423 International Finance CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
BUS427 International Banking CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
BUS420 Contemporary Issues in Business CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
BUS454 Logistic Management CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:5
BUS407 Innovation & Entrepreneurship CR:(0,0)0 ECTS:0


BUS408 Non-Governmental Organizations CR:(0,0)0 ECTS:0

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Faculty of Business
International Business Management (BSc)
Undergraduate Degree
4 Yıl
5500 €
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