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About Program

The re-use of existing buildings has become an indispensable component of formation and development of urban environments. Therefore, interior design, a profession which includes the design and application of renewal projects of existing buildings and interior spaces according to the needs of users and by taking accessibility, sustainability, and aesthetics into consideration is gaining significance. Interior designers need to have an extensive knowledge on spatial design, building codes, health and safety, ergonomics, the psychological impacts of spaces on people, materials, applications and project budgeting. In order to design functional, effective and long-lasting interior spaces interior designers should be able to analyse the historical and environmental conditions of a project site properly, follow up the latest developments in the profession and be aware of social and cultural differences of users.


The curriculum of the department offers our students information and skills in a wide range of topics that include but not limited to human needs, spatial and furniture design, materials, applications, presentation techniques, history of art and architecture. These theoretical courses are accompanied by interactive design studio courses, the core of interior design education, in which students have the chance to improve their skills in critical thinking, designing, researching and presenting under the supervision of lecturers.

Career Opportunities

Interior designers work in design and application of interior design projects either in new buildings, or in the renewal of existing buildings, in a range of different types of buildings such as residential buildings,  hospitality facilities, commercial buildings, healthcare services, industrial facilities and cultural facilities. They need to take into consideration functionality, ergonomics, comfort, accessibility, health and safety, and aesthetic issues while they are designing. Job opportunities vary from public sector institutions to private sector architecture and construction firms. They also have the chance to open their own interior design office.


Graduates of Interior Design also have the chance to continue their career in academic institutions, by attaining Master and PhD degree.


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Faculty of Architecture, Design & Fine Arts
Interior Architecture (BA)
Undergraduate Degree
6000 €
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