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About Program

Visual Arts Degree Program at Girne American University covers a range of materials, forms, and traditions both representational and nonrepresentational. Our students will explore their individual visions within the context of developing disciplined studio practices as well as developing their work within a wide range of technical, aesthetic, and conceptual approaches.


Critiques and seminars will lead by faculty and visiting artists which will provide students with the form and structure to discuss their work in relation to contemporary art issues. Beginning painting courses introduce the concepts and materials of painting, furthering students’ understanding of space, image, and colour Intermediate and advanced courses cover the properties and possibilities of modern media. In advanced painting classes, students build upon their technical facility and conceptual base to develop personal directions.


All classes emphasize individual aesthetic choices and expression and the exploration of contemporary critical issues, encouraging students to take responsibility for the definition and direction of his or her own work.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Painting Department will attain the qualification as “Painter.” In addition to the technical skills you will acquire while earning a Bachelor`s of Fine Arts degree, you will also strengthen your critical reasoning, problem solving, time management, communication and presentation skills. After four years of completing assignments, you will have no problem working independently or collaborating with others as part of a team.

All these skills will serve you well in an art career or in many other occupations if you decide you want to take a different path. Such as; Art critics for newspapers, magazines, websites and other publications, Art Academy/ Teaching/ Administration Teaching, Art therapists , Art Gallery Owner or Gallery and Museum Management, Art Enrichment Programs Children/Adults , Art Education K-12, Community Centers and Art Programs

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Faculty of Architecture, Design & Fine Arts
Visual Arts (Painting) (BA)
Undergraduate Degree
6000 €
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