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Profile of the Programme:

To date, GAU Dance Department exists as the first and the only department that offers undergraduate degree level dance education in North Cyprus. The entire curriculum is designed to focus on contemporary dance with a wider spectrum, embracing a multidisciplinary approach within the performing arts. To this end, the academic programme incorporates technical training to build co-ordination, strength and stamina whilst focusing on the connection between technique, creativity and performance. Learning is further optimised by the inclusion of forms of physical theatre, visual arts, music, media and site specific practice.



Our vision is built on the understanding that dance is an art form inherently subjected to constant evolution and evaluation, challenging traditional boundaries.  In this ever shifting context, dance is situated alongside other art forms such as theatre, visual arts, music, media and site-specific work, demanding versatility, creativity, imagination, deepened bodily knowledge, extensive awareness on body-mind integration,  research and constant reevaluation.

This philosophy reflects our values, leading us to foster a unique and outstanding professional environment where the focus is on interdisciplinarity, individuality, self-motivation and own sense of goal. This ensures our students to develop fundamental skills in order to respond to the diverse challenges of today’s world.


Aims and Objectives

To foster students’ understanding of dance as an art form.

To support students in gaining an insight into the specific vision of GAU Department of Dance which focuses on the principles of contemporary dance characterised by an amalgamation of ballet and a range of contemporary dance techniques of Cunningham, Graham, Release and Limon with an emphasis on yoga and pilates; theatre and visual arts, improvisation and creative exploration. 

To enable students to grow as versatile, autonomous and independent dance artists who can analyse and reflect upon their own and others’ artistic practice.

To provide learning experiences that enable students to acquire vital skills in technique, choreography and performance in the practice of dancing and dance making.

To enrich students’ theoretical and conceptual knowledge and understanding of the foundations that underpin dance and other related art forms.

To prepare students for a rich and varied professional dance environment through interaction with experienced artists and teachers whilst supporting and nurturing their individuality.

To provide students with career opportunities in dance performance, performance studies, dance composition, dance theory, dance research, dance criticism, movement analysis, dance education, forms of physical theatre, visual arts, media and site specific practice.

To prepare students for postgraduate study in various fields of dance and dance-related practices.

Career Opportunities

Our graduates can pursue career opportunities as:

Researchers and innovators in the field of contemporary dance, performance studies, dance theory, dance history, dance research, dance criticism, movement analysis, dance education, forms of physical theatre, visual arts, media and site specific practice

Dancers in professional companies


Movement Specialists

Consultants and administrators in arts organizations and institutions

Collaborators on multi-media projects

Dance educators and directors

Dance consultants and administrators in arts organizations and institutions

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