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Application Form for Graduate Students
Application Form for Undergraduate Students

Graduate School Application Form

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This form must be carefully read and filled with accurate and truthful information.

Personal details


Middle Name

Father's Name
Mother's Name

Date of Birth
Place of Birth

Country of Residence

Marital Status

Passport Details

Place of issue
Date of issue

Expiry date



Academic information

Graduate study level you are applying
Program of Study


Applying For

Academic year

University-level institutions attended and degrees obtained (most recent first):

Institution WEB Address City / Country Dates attended Field of study CGPA* Degree & date

* Please , print CGPA standing to be over 4.00.

For Transfer Applications only: (Including transfers within Girne American University)

Reason(s) for transfer:

Current University / Institution WEB Address City / Country Dates attended Field of study CGPA Total No of Credits / Courses taken

Background or training in English :
(Not valid for the programs in which the medium of instruction is Turkish)

Place of birth

English Language Test(s) Date Taken (Day/Month/Year) Score

GAU English Proficiency Test

Academic Proficiency Test Scores (if any):

Verbal Quantitative Equally weighted
Verbal Quantitative Analytical
Other (Please Specify)

Teaching or other academic experience (include institution, subject or discipline, dates) :

Publications :

Work experience (include employer, date, position held, and nature of job):

Give details of sub-areas/disciplines of interest within field of study you intend to study :

References (three names required)

Name Title Address Telephone E-Mail

Notification of the Acceptance / Rejection

A formal letter will be sent to your postal address. Please indicate if you wish to be notified by any other means for the notification of the result of your application:

Application Procedure & Documents Required

For an application to be considered, all of the following documents must be submitted in person or mailed to the postal address given below before the deadline:

Admissions, Registrar’s Office,
Girne American University,
University Drive, Girne (T.R.N.C.) via Mersin-10, Turkey


The application envelope/file should contain the following documents in the order indicated below:

Fully completed application form (this document), signed and dated
List of documents attached
An official transcript of all university-level courses you have taken
A comparative mark/grade table if CGPA on the transcript is not out of 4.00
Attested photocopies of diplomas received from an university or equivalent institutions
Documentation of scores received for English and academic proficiency exams/tests (see questions 14 and 15)
Three letters of reference (not required for the graduates of GAU)
Documents asked in questions: 20 and 21
A photocopy of your international passport
A completed Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Two passport-sized (approx. 6 cm x 5 cm) photographs
Program specific documents: Business or Engineering..etc ( PhD & Master)

Additional Remarks by the Applicant

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