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Architecture (BArch)

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Department of Architecture was established in 1994 in the Faculty of Architecture and Engineering and has been joined to the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts since 2009. With a strong emphasis on human value and professional ethics, the department of Architecture has been offering an education based on critical and theoretical knowledge, creative design skills, the most recent techniques of presentation and architectural building technologies.


As a part of a global university with campuses based in Girne - Cyprus, Canterbury - UK and Singapore, and as a member of different international networks such as European Association for Architectural Education (EAAE), the department of Architecture is an international department with its academic staff and students from all over the world, embracing universal values and taking internationalization as a goal. With its participative and interactive course environment, technological facilities, devoted academic staff and student-centred education approach, GAU -Department of Architecture has been offering a universal, intellectual, ethical and active education.









Architects work in design, planning and construction of various types of buildings and structures, ranging from residential buildings to commercial ones or public facilities. They are responsible for designing buildings that meet the needs of people who are going to use them, and in harmony with the environment in the most comfortable, healthy, safe, and economic ways. They have the chance to work in public sector such as ministries or municipalities, or architecture departments of public institutions. They also can work in private sector architecture and construction firms or become self-employed by establishing their own businesses. During design and construction of a building, architects need to be in contact with the clients and users, and many different professionals including civil, electric and mechanical engineers, urban designers, landscape designers, interior designers, contractors and technical staff.

Graduates of Architecture also have the chance to continue their career in academic institutions, by attaining Master and PhD degree.









Year 1 

Fall Semester

  • ARC101 Basic Design Studio
  • ARC111 Architectural Drawing I
  • ARC121 Building Technology I: Materials & Methods
  • ARC141 History of Art and Culture
  • ARC131 Mathematics For Architect

Spring Semester

  • ARC102 Introduction to Architectural Design Studio 
  • ARC112 Architectural Drawing II 
  • ARC142 History of Modern Architecture 
  • ARC132 Statics and Strength of Materials 
  • ARC122 Building Technology II: Structural Elements


Year 2


Fall Semester

  • ARC201 Architectural Design Studio I
  • ARC211 Digital Design & Presentation I 
  • Elective
  • ARC241 Contemporary Architecture
  • ARC221 Building Technology III: Structural Systems 
  • TURK001 NC Turkish I

Spring Semester

  • ARC202 Architectural Design Studio II
  • ARC212 Digital Design & Presentation II
  • ARC252 Environmental Control Systems
  • Elective 
  • Elective
  • ARC300 NC Internship I
  • TURK002 NC Turkish II



Year 3

Fall Semester

  • ARC301 Architectural Design Studio III
  • ARC361 Human Factors in Design
  • ARC381 Professional Ethics
  • Technical Elective
  • Technical Elective
  • NH001 NC National History I


Spring Semester

  • ARC302 Architectural Design Studio IV
  • ARC351 Urban Design & Planning
  • Technical Elective
  • Technical Elective
  • ARC372 Principles of Restoration & Conservation
  • ARC400 NC Internship II
  • NH002 NC National History II


Year 4

Fall Semester

  • ARC401 (3,6)6 Architectural Design Studio V
  • ARC403 (3,0)3 Graduation Research & Preparation
  • ARC481 (2,0)2 Project Management
  • Technical Elective
  • Technical Elective

Spring Semester

  • ARC402 Graduation Project (pre. req.: ARC401, ARC403)
  • ARC412  Portfolio & Presentation (pre. req.: ARC401)
  • ARC482  Professional Practice
  • Technical Elective
  • Technical Elective









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