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Business Management
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Business Management (BSc)

Program Overview
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Program Structure

The department is structured such as to educate managers and organization leaders of the future. These leaders and managers will be able to work successfully in an increasingly complex and ever changing environment in order to attain and maintain long-term competitive edge over their competitors. Intensive theory and practice-based curriculum is offered by our department which creates an academic experience that is contemporary, challenging, diverse, globally oriented and professionally focused. The program requires the completion of 132 credits.


Business Management Learning Outcomes;

  1.  Develop critical and strategic thinking, improve analytic skills and techniques, and enhance effective decision-making.
  2. Demonstrate ability in teamworking, collaboration and leadership.
  3. Understand social and legal issues both within local and global environments.
  4. Acquire proficiency in English and utilize effective communication skills.
  5. Gain IT skills which are conducive for research using various resources and databases.
  6. Put knowledge acquired into practical experience through on-site internship(s) before graduation.
  7. Gain ethical consciousness and behaviour required by the business management discipline.
  8. Explain the importance of Human Resource Management to the overall management of an organization.
  9. Record transactions and prepare financial statements for a business entity.
  10. Analyze and synthesize financial, statistical and quantitative data to assist future business leaders in making sound decisions and judgements.
  11. Recognize the need for lifelong learning and the importance of staying current in business literacy, events, methodologies and information technology tools;
  12. Be able to work cohesively in an international environment, by respecting the values of other cultures in business and personal areas.

Graduates are prepared for careers in business and management and can use their acquired knowledge and skills in a wide range of businesses that are involved in all functions of businesses including: marketing, human resources, accounting, sales, operations, finance and management consulting.

Year 1

Fall Semester

  • BUS101 Introduction to Business & Mgmt. I
  • COMP103 Introduction to Computer & Information Systems I
  • PSYC100  Intro. To Behavioural Science I: Psychology
  • MAT101  Business Mathematics I
  • EGL101  Development of Reading Skills
  • NH001 NC National History I
  • TFL101 NC Turkish as a Foreign Language I

Spring Semester

  • BUS108 Principles of Management
  • COMP104  Introduction to Computer & Information Systems II
  • SOCY100  Intro. To Behavioural Science II: Sociology
  • MAT102  Business Mathematics II
  • EGL102  Development of Writing Skill
  • NH002 NC National History II
  • TFL102 NC Turkish as a Foreign Language II 



Year 2

Fall Semester

  • BUS211  Microeconomics
  • BUS203  Financial Accounting I
  • BUS205  Statistics I
  • BUS207  Introduction to Law
  • CS201   Communication Skills I
  • TURK001 NC Turkish I

Spring Semester

  • BUS212 (3,0)3 Macroeconomics
  • BUS204 (3,0)3 Financial Accounting II
  • BUS206 (3,0)3 Statistics II
  • BUS208 (3,0)3 Business Law
  • CS202 (3,0)3 Communication Skills II
  • TURK002 NC Turkish II



Year 3

Fall Semester

  • BUS301  Organisational Behaviour
  • BUS303  Human Resource Management
  • BUS305  Quantitative Methods & Forecast.
  • BUS307  Business Finance I
  • BUS315  Principles of Marketing
  • Non-Departmental Elective

Spring Semester

  • BUS302  E-Commerce
  • BUS304  Operations Management
  • BUS306  Management Information Systems
  • BUS310  Organisational Theory
  • Departmental Elective
  • Non-Departmental Elective
  • STJ 030 NC Internship -30 calendar days



Year 4

Fall Semester

  • BUS401  International Business
  • BUS403  Globalisation & Econ. Integration
  • Departmental Elective
  • Departmental Elective
  • Non- Departmental Elective
  • Non- Departmental Elective

Spring Semester

  • BUS404 (3,0)3 Strategic Management
  • Departmental Elective
  • Departmental Elective
  • Departmental Elective
  • Non- Departmental Elective
  • Non- Departmental Elective



Economics Electives:

  • ECON403  Managerial Economics
  • ECON408  Turkish Economy
  • ECON411  Industrial Organization
  • ECON412  Cyprus Economy
  • ECON413  Monetary Theory and Policy
  • ECON414  Project Appraisal and Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • ECON415  Environmental Economics
  • ECON417  Comparative Economic Systems
  • ECON418  Empirical Economic Analysis
  • ECON419  Agricultural Economics
  • ECON420  Contemporary Issues in Economics

Non-Departmental Electives:

Business & International Management & Marketing Courses:

  • BUS302  E-Commerce
  • BUS303  Human Resources Management
  • BUS306  Management Information System
  • BUS310  Organizational Theory
  • BUS315  Principles of Marketing
  • BUS401  International Business
  • BUS418  Small Business Seminar
  • BUS430  Supply Chain Management
  • BUS445  Workshop in Export and Import
  • BUS454  Logistic Management
  • BUS462  Leadership & Organizational Culture

Banking &Finance & Accounting Courses:

  • BUS411  Cost Accounting
  • BUS412  Financial Statement Analysis
  • BUS423  International Finance
  • BUS424  Commercial Banking Management
  • BUS425  Portfolio Theory & Management
  • BUS426  Financial Institutions & Markets
  • BUS427  International Banking

Service Courses:

  • Language Elective I
  • Language Elective II

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