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Common Law (LLB)

Program Overview
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The LLB in Common Law provides the TRNC student with a full supported by the legal concepts currently used in the TRNC. While most courses focus on legal principles found in English Common Law, each student has a full review of those aspects of local law that are based on Continental and Code Systems. GAU students are found generally to perform with credit in the TRNC Bar Exams.


In the first two years, students are required to take five core courses, generally taught for two semesters. In the third year of the LLB course, students must take four core courses, but are able to select their fifth course from available elective courses within the term. Similarly, in the final year, students will take three core courses and again have the opportunity to select elective courses to complete their class load.


The Law program is approved by YODAK within the TRNC. The LLB degree is, therefore, not normally appropriate for citizens of Turkey that has a different legal structure. It is suitable for the many international and TRNC students interested in acquiring knowledge of for whom Common Law and European Union Law are of relevance and importance. We will be offering Turkish Law programs starting from September 2012 for Turkish citizenship holders.


Supplemental English and TOEFL Preparation Law students are expected to have a high level of achievement in the English language. Where necessary supplemental courses in English may be required.


Career Opportunities


Year 1

Fall Semester

  • LAW101  English Legal Method I
  • LAW103  Constitutional and Admin Law I
  • LAW105  Legal Philosophy I
  • LAW107  Legal Research and Writing I
  • LAW109  Communication and Study Skills I

Spring semester

  • LAW102  English Legal Method II
  • LAW104  Constitutional &Administrative Law II
  • LAW106  Legal Philosophy II
  • LAW108  Legal Research & Writing II
  • LAW110  Communication & Study Skills II



Year 2

Fall Semester

  • LAW201  Criminal Law and Procedure I
  • LAW203  Contract Law I
  • LAW205  Intro to EU Law I
  • LAW207  Legal Accounting
  • LAW209  Family Law I

Spring Semester

  • LAW202  Criminal Law and Procedure II
  • LAW204  Contract Law II
  • LAW206  Introduction to EU Law II
  • LAW208  Consumer Law
  • LAW210  Family Law II



Year 3

Fall Semester

  • LAW301  Law of Torts I
  • LAW303  Land Law I
  • LAW305  Equity & Trusts I
  • LA W307  Evidence& Civil Procedure I
  • Elective

Spring Semester

  • LAW302  Law of Torts II
  • LAW304  Land Law II
  • LAW306  Equity & Trusts II
  • LAW308  Evidence& Civil Procedure II
  • Elective




Year 4

Fall Semester

  • LAW401  Company Law I
  • LAW403  Commercial Law I
  • LAW405  Public International Law I
  • Elective
  • Elective

Spring semester

  • LAW402  Company Law II
  • LAW404  Commercial Law II
  • LAW406  Public International Law II
  • Elective
  • Elective



  • Electives for Years III and IV
  • LAW309  Cyprus Law Package I (Compulsory for TRNC students)
  • LAW310  Cyprus Law Package II (Compulsory for TRNC students)
  • LAW311  Cyprus Law Package III(Compulsory for TRNC students)
  • LAW312  Research Project (Compulsory for both TRNC and non- TRNC students)
  • LAW313  Criminology
  • LAW314  Employment Law
  • LAW315  Environmental Law
  • LAW316  Human Rights Law
  • LAW317  Conflict of Laws
  • LAW318  Revenue Law
  • LAW319  Medical Law
  • LAW320  Intellectual Property Law
  • LAW321  Transport Law
  • LAW322  Jurisprudence
  • LAW323  Maritime Law
  • LAW324  Cyprus Law Package IV
  • LAW325  Advanced Legal Research and Writing
  • LAW326  Sports Law
  • LAW327  Aviation Law
  • LAW328  Hospitality Law


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