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English Language and Literature
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English Language and Literature (BA)

Program Overview
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Program Structure

English Language and Literature program combines a survey of the subject, from the medieval period to the present day - Shakespeare and Milton, Austen and the Brontës - with a range of innovative approaches to specific topics. The objectives of the program are;


• Acquire in-depth knowledge of English and American Literature from selected sources, develop critical abilities, see how literature depicts human nature, relationships, social and political developments and the world around us.


• Introduce students to a wide range of literary texts and to make them enthusiastic and responsive readers, to enable and to equip students to analyse and argue persuasively, to become independent and self-motivated scholars and to equip students with the skills required for further research or for those professions (including teaching, the public sector, the media and business) which require critical and analytical skills, powers of communication and an awareness of the broad meanings of culture.


• Be able to work in different contexts: individually, within seminars and as members of small groups with collective responsibility for producing oral or written analysis.


Our department promotes a research-intensive environment to promote humanistic inquiry and exchange by supporting innovative scholarly projects and by creating opportunities for interaction among scholars, students and lifelong learners. We aim to ensure that students acquire the analytical skills, historical depth, and appreciation of diverse cultures needed to assume leadership roles as responsible, ethical, and path-breaking scholars, cultural workers, creative artists, policy makers and professional communicators. We prepare our students to be thoughtful and engaged citizens in a global world.

Graduates of English Language and Literature department have a wide range of career opportunities as follows:

  • They can be academicians professors at universities
  • English Instructor at the universities and English teacher at Primary and Secondary Schools.


They can become translators in the private and public sectors and they can find jobs in the areas of international companies, embassies, government offices, banks.


They can work in the media, newspaper or television networks, cinema sector, journalism and advertising.They can also find jobs in the areas of tourism, public relations and human resources.

Year 1

Fall Semester

  • ELIT101  Speaking Skills I
  • ELIT103  Reading Skills I
  • ELIT105  Grammar I
  • ELIT107  Writing Skills I
  • TDE103  Turkish: Writing
  • COM103  Introduction to Computers

Spring Semester

  • ELIT102  Speaking Skills II
  • ELIT104  Reading Skills II
  • ELIT106  Grammar II
  • ELIT108  Writing Skills II
  • ELIT110  British History


Year 2

Fall Semester

  • ELIT201  Critical Reading
  • ELIT203  Literary Theory and Criticism I
  • ELIT205  Introduction to Literature
  • ELIT207  Life and Society in Britain
  • ELIT209  Literary Research Techniques
  • NH001 NC National History I

Spring Semester

  • ELIT202  American History and Culture
  • ELIT204  Literary Theory and Criticism II
  • ELIT206  Mythology
  • ELIT208  The Short Story
  • NH002 NC National History II
  • Elective I


Year 3

Fall Semester

  • ELIT301  British Poetry and Prose I
  • ELIT303  British Novel I
  • ELIT305  British Drama I
  • ELIT307  Translation I
  • ELIT309  American Drama
  • Elective II

Spring Semester

  • ELIT302  British Poetry and Prose II
  • ELIT304  British Novel II
  • ELIT306  British Drama II
  • ELIT308  Translation II
  • Elective III


Year 4

Fall Semester

  • ELIT401  British Poetry and Prose III
  • ELIT403  British Novel III
  • ELIT405 British Drama III
  • ELIT407 American Poetry
  • Elective IV

Spring Semester

  • ELIT402 British Poetry and Prose IV
  • ELIT404 British Novel IV
  • ELIT406 British Drama IV
  • ELIT408 American Novel
  • Elective V

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