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English Language Teaching (BA)

Program Overview
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The department of English language teaching provides prospective English language teachers with practical training and a deeper understanding of language teaching principles and brings them up-to-date on recent classroom teaching practices. The ELT department offers practical training in current approaches (particularly the communicative approach and task-based learning) and fosters critical thinking, creativity and research skills.


Our department hosts highly qualified and internationally experienced staff to provide a professional learning environment to reflect on, observe and evaluate teaching through learning and learner-centred approach. Our graduates pursue careers not only in teaching but in translation, tourism and communication.



The students who graduate from the ELT Department earn a BA degree in English Language Teaching.  Such a degree ideally positions students for employment in all areas of education from middle school through the high school.


The graduates of the ELT Department have the opportunity to pursue careers not only in teaching but also in translation, tourism, communication, civil service, publishing, advertising and public relations.



Year 1

Fall Semester

  • ELT101  Contextual Grammar I
  • ELT103  Advanced Reading and Writing I
  • ELT105  Listening and Pronunciation I
  • ELT107  Oral Communication Skills I
  • GCC101  Turkish I: Writing skills
  • GCC103  Computer I
  • GCC105  Effective Communication
  • EDU103  Introduction to Educational Sciences

Spring Semester

  • ELT102  Contextual Grammar II
  • ELT104  Advanced Reading and Writing II
  • ELT106  Listening and Pronunciation II
  • ELT108  Oral Communication Skills II
  • ELT110  Lexical Competence
  • GCC102  Turkish II: Oral Skills
  • GCC104  Computer II
  • EDU102  Educational Psychology



Year 2

Fall Semester

  • ELT201  English Literature I
  • ELT203  Linguistics I
  • ELT205  Approaches to ELT I
  • ELT207  English-Turkish Translation
  • ELT209  Oral Expression and Public Speaking
  • GCC201  History of Turkish Education
  • EDU209  Teaching Principles and Methods

Spring Semester

  • ELT202  English Literature II
  • ELT204 Linguistics II
  • ELT206  Approaches to ELT II
  • ELT208  Language Acquisition
  • GCC202  Research methods
  • EDU204  Specific Teaching Methods I
  • EDU206  Educational Technology and Materials Design



Year 3

Fall Semester

  • ELT301 Teaching English to Young Learners I
  • ELT303  Specific Teaching Methods II
  • ELT305  Teaching Four Skills I
  • ELT307  Literature and Language Teaching I
  • ELT309  Second Foreign Language I
  • GCC301 Drama Teaching
  • EDU309 Classroom Management

Spring Semester

  • ELT302  Teaching English to Young Learners II
  • ELT304  Turkish-English Translation
  • ELT306  Teaching Four Skills II
  • ELT308  Literature and Language Teaching II
  • ELT310  Second Foreign Language II
  • GCC302 Community Service
  • EDU306  Measurement and Assessment



Year 4

Fall Semester

  • ELT401  Materials Adaptation & Development
  • ELT403  Second Foreign Language III
  • ELT405  Elective I: Novel
  • GCC401  National History I
  • EDU413  School Experience
  • EDU415  Guidance
  • EDU417  Special Education

Spring Semester

  • ELT402  Language Testing & Evaluation
  • ELT404  Elective II: Applied Linguistics
  • ELT406  Elective III: CALL(Computer-Assisted Language Learning)
  • GCC402  National History II
  • EDU404  Practice Teaching
  • EDU410  Comparative Education
  • EDU412  Turkish Education System and School Administration




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