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Health Care Management
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Health Care Management (BSc)

Program Overview
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The aim of Healthcare Management degree program is to generate healthcare managers who recognizes the structure of health systems, is competent in closely following its functions, can generate constructive and sustainable solutions to problems as a manager, can approach situations both academically and practically, and is equipped with contemporary understanding of management.


Work as a health managers in health organization and in particular hospitals both public and private.


Globalization leads to increased job opportunity outside the country.


Year 1

  • Fall Semester
  • HS105  Psychology
  • HCA101  General Accounting I
  • HCA103  Introduction to Economics I
  • HCA105  General Business Studies
  • HCA107  General Principles of Law
  • EGL101  Development of Reading Skills
  • TURK001 NC Turkish Language I
  • NH001 NC National History
  • Elective course with 3 credits in total

Spring Semester

  • HCA102  General Accounting II
  • HCA104  Mathematics for Business
  • HCA106  Introduction to Economics II
  • HCA108  General Principles of Management
  • HS104  Self-knowledge and Communication Methods
  • TURK002 NC Turkish Language II
  • NH002 NC National History II
  • EGL102  Development of Writing Skills




Year 2

Fall Semester

  • HS205  Medical Terminology
  • HCA201  Human Resource Management in Healthcare Organizations
  • HS405  Research Methods
  • HCA203  Management of Healthcare Organizations I
  • HS305  Epidemiology
  • COMP103  Introduction to Computer Sciences
  • HS303  Biostatistics
  • Elective course/s with the 5 credits in total

Spring Semester

  • HS208  Medical Documentation
  • HCA202  Administration Law
  • HCA204  Business Law
  • HCA206  Management of Healthcare Organizations II
  • HCA208  Finance
  • HS106  Sociology and Health
  • COMP104  Introduction to Computer Science II
  • HCA210 NC Summer Internship




Year 3


Fall Semester

  • HCA301  Production and Process Management in Healthcare Organizations
  • HCA303  Financial Management in Healthcare Organizations I
  • HCA305  Quantitative Techniques in Healthcare Management I
  • HCA307  Cost Accounting in Healthcare Organizations
  • HCA309  Statistics in Healthcare Management I
  • HCA311  Organizational Behaviour in Healthcare Institutions
  • HS301  Professional Ethics

Spring Semester

  • HCA302  Marketing in Healthcare Organizations
  • HCA304 Financial Management in Healthcare Organizations II
  • HCA306 Quantitative Techniques in Healthcare Management II
  • HCA308  Statistics in Healthcare Management II
  • HS302  First Aid and Emergency Core
  • HCA310 NC Summer Internship




Year 4

Fall Semester

  • HCA401  Economy for Healthcare
  • HCA403  Technology Management in Healthcare Organizations
  • HCA405  Healthcare Policies and Planning
  • HCA407  Quality Management in Healthcare Organizations
  • HCA409  Law for Healthcare
  • HS403   Education
  • Elective course/s with the 4 credits in total

Spring Semester

  • HCA402  Strategic Management in Healthcare Organizations
  • HCA404  Communication Skills in Healthcare Management
  • HCA406  Case Discussions in Healthcare Management
  • HCA408  Field Practice




Fall Semester

  • GC211  History of Science
  • HCA205  Professional Foreign Language I
  • HCA207  Social Politics
  • HCA312  Turkish Healthcare System
  • HCA411  Program Planning and Evaluation in Healthcare organizations
  • HCA413  Long-term Health Service Management
  • HS201  Mother and Child Nutrition
  • OT103  Strategies for Health and Wellness
  • OT211  Sociology for Disabilities
  • PA179  Hatha Yoga
  • PHIL101  Introduction to Philosophy
  • PSY213  Critical Thinking
  • PSY322  Developmental Psychology II
  • PSY345  Psychology of Adjustment
  • PSY361  Personality & its assessment
  • REC203  Football
  • REC302  Tennis
  • REC405  Athletics

Spring Semester

  • HCA312  Comparative Health Systems
  • HCA212  Professional Foreign Language II
  • HS204  Principles of Nutrition and Diet
  • EDU102  Development and Learning
  • HS306  Development of Health and Health Policies
  • HCA314  Healthcare Insurance and Refund Systems
  • HCA316  Entrepreneurship in Healthcare Sector
  • HCA318  Information Systems in Healthcare Organizations
  • HS404  Leadership
  • HS408  Human Rights
  • PSY204  Biological Basis of Behaviour
  • PSY221  Developmental Psychology I
  • PSY251  Social Psychology I
  • PSY380  Educational & School Psychology
  • PSY240  Clinical Psychology II
  • PA210  Drama



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