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International Business Law (LLM)

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The law Master Program in International Business Law is designed to equip the lawyer or business person with a complete grounding in the concepts and practice of business law in the global economy .


LLM Program


Girne American University has established a degree program of LL.M (Master of Laws) for those students having earned an undergraduate law degree from an accredited university. All students are required to have a TOEFL equivalent of at least 550 to be able to graduate.


The typical student will take 18 months to complete the program. This will cover three academic semesters plus an optional summer session. A normal academic graduate student load is three courses per semester and three in the summer session. A part-time program is available. Almost all of the classes are taught in the late afternoon and evening and on Saturday and Sunday. The degree requires the student to earn a CGPA of at least 3.0 to graduate. The degree requirement is for 10 courses or 30 credit hours plus thesis.


Students will take 4 core subjects in the first year:

  1. Modern legal research methods;
  2. Alternative Dispute Resolution;
  3. Comparative Constitutional Law;
  4. Legal writing


The International Business Law specialisation requires various courses in addition to the core subjects: 1) European Union Law III; 2) European Union Law IV; 3) Public International Law II; 4) Private International Law II 5) Company Law III: 6) Telecommunications Law; 7) Cyber Law; 8) Maritime Law; 9) International Business Transactions; 10) Public policy development and legislation for Business; 11.) International Environmental Law; or 12.) Master’s thesis (optional - in lieu of three courses).


Students are normally required to take at least three courses per semester, but not more than five. Any under-load or overload must be approved by the Dean’s office. The typical student will require three academic semesters and a summer session to complete the program. Not all courses are offered every semester. Those students who do not have a Law related undergraduate degree will normally be required to take at least one additional transition course as part of their core subjects. That course will be the “Legal Method.”




 Career Opportunities




Core Courses

  • LLM501  Modern Legal Research Methods
  • LLM502  Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • LLM504  Comparative Constitutional Law
  • LLM503  Legal Writing
  • The International Business Law specialisation requires various courses in addition to the core subjects.

Elective Courses

  • LLM505  European Union Law III
  • LLM506  European Union Law IV
  • LLM506  Public Internatıonal Law II
  • LLM507  Private International Law II
  • LLM508  Company Law II
  • LLM509  Telecommunications Law
  • LLM510  Cyber Law
  • LLM511  Maritime Law
  • LLM512  International Business Transactions
  • LLM513  Public Policy Development and Legislations for Business
  • LLM514  International Environmental Law
  • LLM520  Master’s Thesis (optional-in lieu of Courses)




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