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Journalism and Broadcasting (BA)

Program Overview
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The main scope of the Department of Journalism is to train qualified individuals who possess the relevant theoretical and practical knowledge, are obedient to the ethical principles, have social responsibilities and critical thinking skills, are investigative and research-oriented in order to work in the sector of news publication and journalism. Within this scope, in the first terms, students are offered courses that aim at providing them with a general social science formation, such as sociology, political science, etc. In the successive years, other courses that lead to the professional training of the students and related to communication science and the profession of journalism are offered, such as the main principles of journalism, techniques of news reporting, applied journalism, communication theories, sociology of communication, communication law, communication ethics , etc. The program aims at the compability with and adaptation to the publication and printing corporations that use the technologies related to desktop publishing, radio and television publishing, and investigative journalism about which the students must be trained and introduced to the contemporary publishing applications.


The department of Journalism where the theoretical and practical knowledge are studied in parallel allows students to gain practical experience within the Centre of Media Investigation and Practice by working at the GAU Radio and TV and the monthly Chancellor’s Gazette where the students apply the theoretical knowledge they have acquired.


Our department, making an effort for finding the new and novelties for training more qualified manpower in parallel to international developments, while providing the sector of media with qualified staff, provides the students with the faith and qualification to practice their jobs abroad via an adequate foreign language level together with the most satisfying knowledge and skills in Journalism. Our aim is to provide all of our students with a quality education that will open the doors of a position in the sector after their graduation and reaching a perfect level in education in the field.


Journalism and Broadcasting students upon graduation can look for opportunities in the following professions. Journalists, television broadcasters, specialists, researches, media managers, academics. These roles are available in both national and international media sector. 


Year 1

Fall Semester

  • JRB101  Basic Concepts of Journalism I
  • JRB103  Introduction to Communications
  • JRB105  Introduction to Social Sciences
  • COMP103  Introduction to Computer & Information Systems I
  • EGL101  Development of Reading Skills I
  • NH001 NC National History I

Spring Semester

  • JB102  Basic Concepts of Journalism II
  • JRB104  Media Ethics
  • JRB106  History of Communication
  • COMP104  Introduction to Computer & Information Systems II
  • EGL102  Development of Writing Skills
  • NH002 NC National History I



Year 2

Fall Semester

  • JRB201  News Report Writing
  • JRB203  Economics of Journalism
  • JRB205  Creative Writing
  • JRB207  Basic Photography
  • JRB209  International Communication
  • TURK001 NC Turkish I

Spring Semester

  • JRB202  Writing & Debate for Journalism
  • JRB204  Media Law
  • JRB206  Sociology of Communication
  • JRB208  Practice of Basic Photography
  • JRB210  Practice of Journalism
  • TURK002 NC Turkish II
  • STJ001 NC Internship




Year 3

Fall Semester

  • JRB301  Human Rights & Journalism
  • JRB303  Research Methods of Social Sciences
  • JRB305  Philosophy of Communication
  • JRB307  Radio & TV Broadcasting I
  • JRB309  New Communication Paradigms

Spring Semester

  • JRB302  Theories of Mass Media
  • JRB304  Interactive Communication & Education
  • JRB306  Media Planning
  • JRB308  Radio & TV Broadcasting II
  • JRB310  Media & Culture
  • STJ002 NC Internship




Year 4

Fall Semester

  • JRB401  Journalism & Manipulation
  • JRB403  Political Communication
  • JRB405  Desktop Publishing I
  • Elective
  • Elective

Spring Semester

  • JRB402  Seminar
  • JRB404  Ethics & Research in Journalism
  • JRB406  Desktop Publishing II
  • Elective
  • Elective


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