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Life in Girne

Welcome to Girne (Kyrenia) - North Cyprus 


The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus lies at the crossroads of three continents -where East meets West. The third most populous island in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is a popular tourist spot and an excellent education destination for students from over 95+ countries. For nine thousand years, Cyprus has been a melting pot of great civilizations; from the Neolithic settlements on the northern coast to the Egyptian, Persian, Roman, Venetian, Ottoman and British Empires. Its strategic location at the cross-roads of East and West has bestowed the island with a rich and colorful history spanning centuries. 


Cypriots are known for their hospitality. Most Cypriots speak English and share their culture with visitors and international students through traditional cuisine, culture and entertainment. Due to its low crime rate and thriving education sector, Cyprus is home for many foreign nationals. With its increasingly diverse make-up North Cyprus has become an epicenter for international students from Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. 

Cyprus enjoys a Mediterranean climate with long dry summers starting Mid-May and lasting until Mid-October and mild winters from December to February. Spring and Autumn lasts short, but each season shows its characteristics in terms of natural beauty and traditional events. 

Kyrenia is the culture, history and tourism hub of North Cyprus. GAU campus is positioned at the slope of the Bes Parmak Mountains, at a short walking distance to the shoreline and the city center. Campus oversees the Mediterranean Sea, and has a unbeatable location for nature lovers. Kyrenia offers a wide variety of events organized either by the municipality or by independent organisations: Among these is the Bellapais Monastery Classical Music Festival, and the Theater Days. GAU retains strong ties with the Municipality, and GAU tends to host some of these cultural events on campus at Spectrum Hall.


A student town, Kyrenia offers many amenities for its students. The old harbor is a lively venue for weekends, with vast choice of bars and pubs for friendly gatherings and cafes and restaurants for dining. Transportation is provided through local buses that run until eleven, to and back to the city center alongside complimentary university buses, which run regularly to the city center, residence halls and back to the campus.


There are daily scheduled flights from major European capitals and from the major cities of Turkey to Lefkosa Ercan Airport in Northern Cyprus. GAU offers a complimentary bus service to its students to pick them up on their arrival.

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