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Mechanical Engineering (BSc)

Program Overview
Career Opportunities
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The department offers a four-year, undergraduate program leading to the Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Mechanical Engineering. The department of Mechanical Engineering aims to train engineers who will be the future employees of the companies who must be motivated to improve the social, technological and economic level of our ever developing nation so that a stronger and a more competitive resistant machinery and automotive sector can be created in today’s economically globalized world. Besides this main aim, another important goal is to educate students by employing analytical thinking, creativity, theoretical knowledge and practical skills together with traditional working environments.


To graduate from the department of mechanical engineering, students must successfully pass courses which total to 142 credits and also successfully complete two summer internships which are organized as 30 working days at the end of both third and fourth years.


aAccording to the structural needs which emerge as a result of the renovations and developments sourced by the improving national economic status and technological advancement, a mechanical  engineer can work at any institution which operates in the field of machine building, automotive, design, research and auditing.



Career Opportunities



Year 1

Fall Semester

  • MT111     Calculus I  
  • ENG103   Computer Aided Design              
  • PS111     General Physics I      
  • CH101     General Chemistry     
  • ENG10     Intro. to Computers    
  • ENGL001  English I                   


Spring Semester

  • MT112       Calculus II                
  • PS112       General Physics II     
  • ENG102     Computer Programming I            
  • MT104       Linear Algebra                           
  • ME102       Engineering Drawing   
  • ENGL002    English II                  



Year 2

Fall Semester

MT211     Calculus III                               

MT207     Probability Theory      

ENG201   Fund. of Elec. Eng.    

ME201     Introduction to Mech.g.               

ME203     Materials Science      

ME205     Statics                                     


Year 2

Spring Semester

MT212     Engineering Mathematics            

MT206     Differential Equations 

ME202     Strength of Materials I

ME204     Manufacturing Tech. I

ME206     Dynamics                 

MT208     Numerical Analysis    

ME200     Summer Practice I     



Year 3

Fall Semester

ME301      Thermodynamics                       

ME303      Fluid Mechanics                        

ME305      Strength of Mat.II      

ME307      Theory of Machines    

ME309      Machine Design I       

TURK001   Turkish I                   

ELXXX      Elective                    


Year 3

Spring Semester

ME302        Manufacturing Tech. II

ME304        Comb. Engines                          

ME306        Heat Transfer I                          

ME308        Machine Elements I   

ME310        Machine Design II      

ENG304      Engineering Economy 

TURK002    Turkish II                                  

ME300        Summer Practice II    


Year 4

Fall Semester

ME401         Graduation Project I   

ME403         Machine Elements II  

ME405         Quality Plan.& Control

ENG401       Engineering Ethics     

TELXXX       Technical Elective      

TELXXX       Technical Elective      

NH001         National History I       


Year 4

Spring Semester

ME402         Graduation Project II  

ME404         Control Systems                        

ME406         Heat Transfer II         

ELXXX         Technical Elective      

TELXXX       Technical Elective      

TELXXX       Technical Elective      

NH002         National History II      


Technical Electives


The Mechanical Engineering Department announces the courses to be offered at the beginning of each semester.



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