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Plastic Arts
BA (Hons)
4 Years
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Plastic Arts (BA)

Program Overview
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Program Structure

Girne American University, Department of Plastic Arts follows a program providing students with artistic creation and intellectual development in contribution with contemporary art approach and interdisciplinary features. The department’s instruction options are painting and sculpture, and it provides an atmosphere for an “artistic identity” which allows creation of original works and notions. Student work’s adaptation and introduction to art environment is provided by promotion and exhibitions of their work.


Department of Painting in Girne American University carries out an education-training program which prioritizes development of individual abilities and artistic creation. Within the framework of the Painting Department’s education-training program, as it is in the other departments of our faculty, the students study, four years of education process proceeds with field courses after “Basic Art Education” given in the first year. Technical material and design by experimental studies of concerned arts of painting and sculpture are instructed in this education. The program is supplemented with artistic and cultural activities as conferences, seminars, exhibitions, and workshops. In the third and fourth years, students who apply either for painting or for sculpture can concentrate on their fields. Presentation of a graduation project, which prioritizes in reflecting artistic identity that is carried out throughout the undergraduate program, is executed.


Most students aim at becoming professional artists, and this ambition is supported throughout the course. Remember, too, that the education and structure we offer strengthens students’ imagination and knowledge in such a way that other paths may also be pursued. Graduates can go on to graduate studies in Fine Art, or continue in other, related subjects Which include professional artists, critics, writers, teachers and creative directors.


Year 1

  • ART101–Basic Drawing I
  • ART102–Basic Drawing II
  • ART105-2D Design
  • ART106-3D Design
  • ART113–Art Appreciation  
  • ART132–Color Theory & Practice
  • ART150–Photography I
  • ART154–Photography II 



Year 2

  • ART201–Art Studio I 
  • ART202 Art Studio II 
  • ART213–Fundamentals of Painting and Design 
  • T. Elctive
  • ART224-Printmaking I 
  • ART234-Model Making I 
  • Elective
  • T. Elective
  • ART267-Basic Illustration 


Year 3


  • ART301-Art Studio III 
  • Elective
  • T. Elective
  • ART302-Art Studio IV 
  • ART323-Printmaking II  
  • ART331-Model Making II 
  • T. Elective
  • T. Elective
  • ART336-Wall Practices 
  • ART338-Mythology and Iconography 


Year 4

  • ART401-Art Studio V 
  • ART402-Graduation Art Studio VI 
  • ART412-Portfolio& Presentation
  • ART419-Contemporary World Art 
  • ART443-Analysis of Art & Design 
  • ART442-Honor Thesis in Art 
  • T. Elective
  • T. Elective




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