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Recreation Management
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Recreation Management (BSc)

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A recreation management major takes a professional development approach through experiential learning to the education and training of our students. In Recreation Management students will explore important ideas about sport and recreation, acquire essential knowledge and develop the handson skills necessary to begin an exciting career in Recreation Management.


The recreational management faculty at GAU aims to prepare students for careers in the leisure and tourism industry.  This faculty is focused on developing student skills to ensure that they are able to manage human, financial and technological resources.  Effective recreational management is vital when it comes to successfully operating a recreational facility.   Students will acquire a level of knowledge and expertise within the sports domain.  The leadership skills they gain will aid the development of their careers within the recreation, tourism and leisure sector.  


The Bachelor of Recreation Management at GAU equips students with the commercial management skills needed to develop careers within the recreation, tourism and leisure sector. Girne American University offers one of the leading recreation related degree programmes that combines both business related units with content that is specifically relevant to recreation and leisure.

Girne American University is a globally, interdisciplinary and research motivated institute with international campuses in the USA, England and Singapore.  The Bachelor of Recreation Management at GAU will ensure students secure professional career opportunities within the sports domain.  It is anticipated that completing the course will equip students with the skills they need to understand the world in which they live. 

Year 1

Fall Semester

  • EGL101  Foreign language (English)
  • REK103  Introduction of Recreation
  • REK105  Hygiene and First Aid
  • REK107  Recreative Team Sports I
  • REK109  Free style gymnastics
  • REK111  Informatics I
  • TURK001 NC Turkish I

Spring Semester

  • EGL102  English II
  • REK104  Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology
  • REK106  Recreative Team Sports II
  • REK108  Modern Dance Education and Choreography
  • REK110  Massage
  • REK112 Elective Recreation Sports
  • TURK002 NC Turkish II




Year 2

Fall Semester

  • REK201  Basic Training Theory
  • REK203  Elective Course for Recreation Aim I
  • REK205  Elective Adventure SportsI
  • REK207  Resource Techniques and Statistics
  • REK209  2. Foreign Language (German I)
  • REK211  Athletics
  • NH001 NC National History I

Spring Semester

  • REK202  Sports Organizations and Leadership
  • REK204  Elective Course for Recreation Aim II
  • REK206  Sport Psychology and Recreation
  • REK208  Extreme Sports
  • REK210  2. Foreign Language(German II)
  • REK212  Sports Physiology
  • NH002 NC National History II




Year 3

Fall Semester

  • REK301  Turkish folklore and dancing
  • REK303  Stage Art and Theatre
  • REk305  Animation and Drama Ability
  • REK307  Management and Organization at Indoor Recreation
  • REK309  Elective course out of department II
  • REK311  Step-Aerobic

Spring Semester

  • REK302  Elective Course for Recreation Aim III
  • REK304  Management and Organization at Outdoor Recreation
  • REK306  Sport and Free Time Sociology
  • REK308  Speaking and Presentation Techniques
  • REK310  Program design at Recreation
  • REK312  Recreative Water Sports I




Year 4

Fall Semester

  • REK401  Professional Area at Recreation I
  • REK403  Recreation Activity for Children and Elderly
  • REK405  Elective Course for Recreation Aim IV
  • REK407  Recreative Water Sports II
  • REK409  Communication Ability and Human Relation
  • REK411  Life Coaching Theory

Spring Semester

  • REK402  Professional Area at recreation II
  • REK404  Thesis
  • REK406  Elective course out of department
  • REK408  Advertisement and marketing for Recreation
  • REK410  Recreation Activities and Sport for Disables
  • REK412  Recreative Water Sports Organization

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