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Международные Кампуса

International Campuses


It is the aim of the International Campuses Office to promote, support and boost the educational and cultural experiences of all Girne American University students by facilitating their studying and traveling abroad. You may choose to take advantage of attending any of the Universities we established agreements with (see here). Alternatively, we offer opportunities for our students to study in our own international campuses in the United Kingdom, the United States Turkey as well as Moldova. You can find out more about these opportunities on this page, or by contacting us directly!


GAU International Office

Rectorate Building, Ground Floor Kyrenia- TRNC

Tel. +90 (392) 650 2000 Ext :1347- 1195

Email: studyabroad@gau.edu.t

“Being an undergraduate student at GAU has enabled me to experience education through a new perspective. It is quite a challenge, but I believe it is worth every effort. The University is an inspiring place to learn and it sets international standards required to succeed in the global business. Not only has it allowed me to become knowledgeable in my field of study, an independent learner and self motivated, but I’ve also met people from various walks of life. To summarize my experience so far I would simply use the word exhilarating." Nelicia Braganza, Kuwait, BSc in Business Administration 2009 GAU.



Girne American University Canterbury Campus, United Kingdom

Living and learning in Canterbury, a true British city, will improve your level of English quickly and effectively. It will also give you a real taste of British/European culture and way of life! Our campus is at the heart of Canterbury, with short walk to nearby attractions, like the Canterbury Cathedral.


Students can also attend the Canterbury campus English Language Academy for short courses in English.  Students from other universities can also take advantage of this opportunity to study in the UK! 



GAUC accepts students from all GAU and affiliated universities. GAU students are eligible to spend max. 4 semesters (inclusive of the summer term) studying their chosen field at the Canterbury Campus. The last semester of studies students must complete at GAU Cyprus.


For more information, you can visit GAUC Website: http://gauc.org.uk/

Or email us at info@gauc.org.uk



Dulles University, Virginia, United States

Dulles University is a GAU Affiliate University, established in Virginia in 2010. Dulles University on-line MBA is the elite program of study for managers ensuring that they have the necessary knowledge and skills to operate effectively in the business world – as owners, senior managers or entrepreneurs. On-line Master of Business Administration curriculum offers the students an opportunity to develop a broad understanding of organization and business and then to focus on a special area of interest. It is designed to promote career advancement of professionals from every undergraduate background. The on-line MBA program is specifically designed for the working students. The normal progression of a student leads to the completion of the degree program in a period of two years.



GAU Istanbul Campus, Besiktas-Istanbul, Turkey

GAU Istanbul campus offers certificate programs in a variety of fields. Additionally, GAU Istanbul Campus runs Summer School programs from any faculty, and the students are encouraged to take 2-3 courses. The courses to be opened are contingent on the student applications. Announcements are made every April. Alternatively, students can choose to take certificate programs, which are run year-round.



GAU Hong Kong Campus

GAU students have a chance to spend a short term program in the mystical atmosphere of the Far East, Hong Kong. Students are able to take their degree courses while getting to know different cultures and traditions. Hong Kong is a small but dynamic city located to the southeast of the Mainland China, adjoining the province of Guangdong. It forms a triangle with Macau to the west and Guangzhou to the Northwest in the Pearl River Delta. GAU Hong Kong Program provides intensive coursework supplemented by a dynamic cultural immersion program with sightseeing and guided tours.



American University of Moldova, Chisinau, Moldova

Founded on 2 June 2015, American University of Moldova can be found on the historic Ştefan cel Mare Boulevard in Chişinău. Its state of the art building facilities and with its top-notch academic staff, AUM is commencing its education program with 2015/2016 Academic Year. You can visit www.aum.md for more information.





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