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Translation and Interpretation
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Translation and Interpretation (BA)

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Girne American University Department of Translation and Interpretation commenced teaching in the 2006-2007 Academic Year. The objective of the department is to train translators and interpreters using modern education techniques in line with current scientific methodologies and approaches in the field. Students must learn how to be aware of language differences and be equipped with a wide knowledge of the field of translation. They must also understand the terminology of various subjects, such as law, economics, literature, social and applied sciences, political sciences, international relations, and media and communication.


The Department of Translation and Interpretation seeks to raise professionals who are knowledgeable, eager to research and learn, multicultural, interested in current issues and cultural relations, aware of the expectations and conditions of the market, and who could utilize their knowledge and experience in translation and interpretation through scientific methods with the aid of cutting-edge technology.


The goal of the degree program in Translation and Interpretation is also to develop the special skills needed for translating and interpreting, and to achieve mastery of the contemporary spoken and written English and Turkish. In addition, a wide range of elective courses provide a broad cultural background required by professional translators.


Language studies in English and Turkish include: oral and written comprehension, oral and written translation, oral proficiency, essays, note-taking in addition to consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. Elective courses deal with fields such as national government and administration, political, economic, legal, social, cultural life, current affairs, modern literature, European organizations, computer literacy, and other languages.


Our department aspires to become the most prominent educational institution in the field of translation and interpretation in the region, and to provide better employment opportunities.

The graduates of English Translation and Interpreting can perform their profession as a certified translator and interpreter. They educated and trained to become well-qualified professionals equipped with technical terminologies in every field. They have the required qualifications to further their studies in linguistic studies, most social sciences and move onto a strong academic career.


Our graduates are specifically trained in detailed terminologies such as legal, medical, engineering and are able to carry out translation and interpretation tasks in the most professional way. They are also highly skilled in social sciences, arts, sports, health sciences and many other major fields and disciplines and can conduct the language in the most appropriate terminologies and codes. They will have the opportunities to be employed in government offices, private sector businesses and can also work as freelancers. Another opportunity they may take advantage is the chance of employment in the publishing firms as literary translators and editors.

Year 1

Fall Semester

  • TRA101  Public Speaking in English I
  • TRA103  Reading Skills I
  • TRA105  Listening & note taking I
  • TRA107  Comparative Structure I
  • TRA109  Writing Skills in English I
  • COM103  Intro to Computers

Spring Semester

  • TRA102  Public Speaking in English II
  • TRA104  Reading Skills II
  • TRA106  Listening & note taking II
  • TRA108 Comparative Structure II
  • TRA110  Writing Skills in English II
  • Elective I




Year 2

Fall Semester

  • TRA201  Lexicology
  • TRA203  Western Civilizations
  • TRA205  Contemporary Western Literature I
  • TRA207  Intro to Translation
  • TRA209  Writing Skills in Turkish
  • NH001 NC National History I

Spring Semester

  • TRA202  Linguistics for Translation
  • TRA204  Translation for Social Sciences
  • TRA206  Contemporary Western Literature II
  • TRA208  Intro to Interpreting
  • TRA210  Public Speaking in Turkish
  • NH002 NC National History II




Year 3

Fall Semester

  • TRA301  Discourse Analysis
  • TRA303  Translation for Business
  • TRA305  Translation for Law
  • TRA307  On-sight Interpreting
  • TRA309  Research Techniques in Translation
  • Elective II

Spring Semester

  • TRA302  Translation Theory and Criticism
  • TRA304  Consecutive Interpreting
  • TRA306  Simultaneous Interpreting I
  • TRA308  Medical Translation
  • TRA310  Technical Translation




Year 4

Fall Semester

  • TRA401  Literary Translation I
  • TRA403  Simultaneous Interpreting II
  • TRA405  Project in Translation
  • TRA407  Translation for Dubbing and Subtitling
  • Elective III

Spring Semester

  • TRA402  Information Technology for Translators
  • TRA404  Literary Translation II
  • TRA406  Project in Interpreting
  • TRA408  Intercultural Communication
  • Elective IV

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